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    Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft a Halloween Review

    Photo by Rayne Hall In this really great book of tales, each story has different ideas of what a witch really is. Each tale has a different meaning. The book also tells the difference between a witch and a wiccan, black and white magic.   The book is great to curl up with on Halloween, a stormy night or even if you’re up in a cabin on a mountain or in the woods.  The tales will make your skin crawl (and I don’t mean that it will literally crawl away). Even with the past returning, what does it really seek? “Thirteen Steps” is one of the tales within. Anyone that…

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    The Tattoo Herbal Vitamin Supplement Review

    Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com When you get a tattoo, you’re actually getting an open wound that needs a little extra help to heal.  “The Tattoo Pill” actually helps it to heal.  This is an herb supplement that is full of antioxidant and multivitamins.  It is a formulated vitamin that is for people that have or get tattoos. The bottle contains 60 tablets and has NOT been evaluated by the FDA.  It is just simply formulated as a dietary supplement for two capsules a day and taken (preferably) with a meal. http://www.omniherbals.com This tablet / capsule contains many vitamins.  To name a few: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin…

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    Kidz Gear Headphones Review

    Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com These are the first headphones that are just right and not to big for my daughter, which actually fit my 3 year old son too. Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com These have the volume limited for safety for their eardrums.  There is a featured kids control (pictured below) for them to operate the sound, but can’t put the sound to loud where it will hurt or damage the eardrums. Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com These also fit perfectly over the ear with the padding to where it is easy on their ears.  They will NOT complain that they hurt their ears due to being right…

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    Ozeri 4x3runner Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology and Dual Walking & Running Modes Review

    Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com This Ozeri pedometer is completely different than any other that I’ve ever seen or used. It will actually record your distance either walking or running.  There is a built in memory for up to 1 million steps! Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com It has an auto sleep mode to sleep when not in use.  It also has the ability to keep up with the days that you do things and keeps records for up to 30 days of your activities.  I has the clip extention on it to where you can clip it to yourself other than just the clip on the back so that…

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    Empower Medicine Ball 6 Pounds with Fingertip Grips Review

    Empower Medicine Ball with Fingertip Grips https://www.facebook.com/EmpowerFitness4Women https://twitter.com/empowerfitness1 http://www.empowerfitness.com The video above is to show that it’s great for anyone of any age as long as they are heart healthy and okayed by their doctor to at least be able to do some sort of exercise.  My daughter normally doesn’t like to do exercise due to her side hurting.  (We all do that.) The ball comes shipped with a DVD to work out to and to get better use out of the empower ball.  Keep in mind also that the ball comes in 4lbs and 8lbs also.  I chose the six pound due to weakness in my hands.  It comes…

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    The Pasta Shoppe Review

    Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com The Pasta Shoppe has some of the neatest pastas for getting children to eat along with fundraising.  They have a whole lot of different pastas to choose from.  I think the neatest thing that they have is the football for NCAA.  That’s right.  You can even get football pastas for Football Sundays! Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com They have pastas that come with seasonings for a full meal.  This was the “Chicken Noodle Soup” and all I had to do was cut up and add veggies to the soup, not that you have to.  I also grilled the chicken to cook out all of the…

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    Online Shopping Tips

    onlineshoppingtips.net Online Shopping Tips give you ideas on how to be safe, how to save money, back to school and even shopping for the holidays.  You’d be surprised what you’ll learn about shopping online with deals and savings.  Even the statistics will surprise you. Just last year the Cyber Monday had the sales to rise to 190% compared to the year before.  This year will more than likely boost off the records for online shopping.  When shopping online you can find better deals than you can locally.  The reason for this is that you can search world wide for better deals on the same products that sell locally for a…

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    Decals for Walls and Many Other Uses Review

    Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com This is my daughter’s computer.  I decided to let her choose this time.  I figured it would do her some good to decide what she wanted to put on her computer as a skin type.  Yes, wall clings work great for computers, walls, mirrors, autos, fish tanks (the outside) and many other things including the furniture that needs to be redone due to paint issues or aging. This is the left side of the key board and mouse. Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com This is the right side of the keyboard and mouse. These are very easy to apply with a straight edge piece of…

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