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    More Scammed by Jackie Scarbrough/Rhonda

    I want others to know that I’m not the only one that she has scammed.  For security purposes, I’ve actually took a screen shot of an email that was sent to a group I’m in.  I have moved it to where the screen shot does not show the responders email or last name! Spread the love         

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    A Bit of Everything: Scammer ALERT! BEWARE! Updated 08/03/2012

    A Bit of Everything: Scammer ALERT! BEWARE! Updated 08/03/2012: BEWARE OF SCAMMER THAT GOES THROUGH FACEBOOK, YARDSELLR, SERVE, YAHOO AND A FEW OTHER SITES SO FAR. Here is the information that has been… I hope that you all will pass this on.  I really kick myself in the butt every single day for falling into her scam and what she was able to suck out of me.  I’d like to make it clear also, I never did get my money back from this.  I’m still hurting from what she was able to take from me and what had happened.  Please NEVER transfer your money into another account or card and…

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