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    Coupon Course Online

    The best thing about taking an online coupon course is that you learn how to save money, where and how to combine and find coupons. With this course, I was able to obtain about $50 worth of things for about $3.50. Dog food, baby items, certain foods. There are 8 cans of dog food where Pedigree sent coupons for FREE dog food, found online. Winn-Dixie sent coupons for a baby club and with those I was able to obtain 2 baby bottles (combined with Playtex coupons), baby wipes, baby foods and other types of baby items and the whole thing should had totaled out $48.32. I handed the Winn-Dixie coupons,…

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    ALL Screen Shots to Prove Scam by Jackie Scarbrough

    These screen shots will prove that I paid Jackie/Rhonda and that Paypal (where I had used my debit card to fund Serve.com) refunded only temporary due to they sided with Serve.com as they are only a financial institution only to take the money again and I lost money to Serve and to Paypal due to Scarbrough. http://theesamplebag.blogspot.com/2012/06/new-info-on-scammer-jackie-scarbrough.html?spref=bl Spread the love         

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    New Info On Scammer Jackie Scarbrough

    I think all of you remember the scam issue with Jackie / Rhonda Scarbrough. Well, I filed the complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I found a post she made on Myspace, but here is the thing. I don’t know what basket she is talking about, the package never shipped, the tracking number was bogus and I have proof.  If you will look in posts made around the end of March 2012, I posted our whole entire conversation from Facebook word for word, letter for letter.  NO MONEY WAS EVER REFUNDED… OUT OF OVER $125 OR MORE DOLLARS!   Here is a copy of her post on MySpace:  I…

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