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    Redone the Blog Template!

    I’ve recently redone the design to our blog template. I think it looks a whole lot better and GREENER on the other side. As Kermit, my 2 year old’s favorite of all time for everything, It’s Better Being GREEN! 😀 Tell us what you think! Send us an email at: liawolfcharmed1@aol.com Spread the love         

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    New Way to Floss and Faster! #BrytonPick @BRYTONPick

    BrytonPick is a quick way to floss and flossing crooked teeth! BrytonPick Bryton Pick Floss is easy and only takes seconds to use.  With this you can use it as a pick or as floss.  The item lasts up to 30 days (unless you’re like me with some teeth and it lasts up to 15 days each).  My teeth are not so straight on the bottom and it’s difficult to get floss between my teeth, top or bottom.  The pick is shaped like a boomerang! I’ve always had an issue with flossing my teeth as it was to difficult on me due to the front two bottom teeth being over…

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    Original Conversation: Scam

    March 7 Jackie Scarbrough hello March 7 Jackie Scarbrough hey how are you hello geee you just added me but you cant say hello March 7 Lia Burres Sorry, I’m getting the five kiddos ready for bed and heading there myself. How are you? And why don’t the message thing pop up when you sent this message? It never came through until now. March 7 Jackie Scarbrough its fb for ya March 7 Lia Burres Yea, it’s been acting really wacky lately March 7 Jackie Scarbrough yea that it has’ hey i was just wanting to ask you do u like candles by chance March 7 Lia Burres I do,…

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