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    Scammer ALERT! BEWARE! More info on issues!

    Correction. I logged into Serve.com and researched what I had paid her.  $15.95 one time, $50.05 one time, $6 one time and $26 one time.  A total of $98 was scammed out of me.  :*(  Money I could had saved for my five children and my medications. All because I thought I could resell the items to make a profit.  Please don’t do this to yourself or your family! Not sure if this will be of any help from either me to you or you to me.  However I am not happy with a certain person that is buying cell phones and other elaborate things from Yardsellr. I’m not even…

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    Contest Giveaway! Father’s Day Poem

    For the first person to reply in a comment, you’ll get a Father’s Day Poem just for you to give to the special man in your life… either the father of your children, your dad or a father figure. Spread the love         

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    Scammer ALERT! BEWARE! Updated 08/03/2012

    BEWARE OF SCAMMER THAT GOES THROUGH FACEBOOK, YARDSELLR, SERVE, YAHOO AND A FEW OTHER SITES SO FAR. Here is the information that has been dug up on the one scammer that will contact you on Yardsellr to get you to add her on Facebook and states she cannot send you a message.  When you add her, she tells you that she has stuff for sell and that she don’t like listing things herself and will sell it to you for half the cost.  There are things she has made, Scentsy items, Pink Zebra items and more.  She does have a site with Pink Zebra (hopefully not for long) and she…

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    Iris And The Dragonflies Book Review

    ¬†Iris and the Dragonflies by Rosemary Danielis Iris and the Dragonflies by Rosemary Danielis is one of the best books that I’ve read in ages. It’s full of adventure, mythology, history and a great book for the imagination. This book brought to life while reading it. The adventures were wonderful, the mythology was incredible and the book was just outstanding. I couldn’t step away from it for very long at all. Iris, the main character, had the most incredible ability of all. She could talk to dragonflies down at her favorite spot, Dragonfly Creek. Mrs. Aldrich, their teacher, was incredible to teach them how to help Mother Earth. By doing…

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