100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money: book review

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Even as odd as it may sound, I actually learned a whole lot from Peter Sorrells.
100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money has more tips in it than I’ve ever found in one spot or online.
With unique ideas, even the smallest of them, I’ve figured out a way to not just make it by, but save enough to be able to take a vacation to go see our family in FL near the holidays.
With the unique ideas and tips for saving money, you can even teach your child how to save enough to buy what they want at an early age.  All you need is a photo and a jar.  The photo can be from a newspaper ad, magazine or even one printed out from your computer.
If you’re needing ways to save money and get ahead, then this book is certainly something you should read.  Anyone can do even just one method in this book.  You’ll be very surprised when you read this.
For purchase and other information on this wonderful book, see below.
In what ways to you save money?
By putting it in a jar?
Putting aside $1 a day and not touching it under any circumstances whatsoever?
Share your money saving methods here.

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