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Watch online movies free!  There is NO credit card needed, EVER!

If you’re looking to watch online movies for free and with a wide range of categories, you’ve really got to checkout 1movies!  I recently came across the site when I was looking for movies that I could watch with my teenagers.

I do have to admit, I’ve been cheating a bit and watching some of the documentaries when they are not around to watch movies with.  Of course, now that this post will be live, I blew my own whistle.

The lists that they have to go through are of all genres and all sorts for everyone.

My favorite show that my teenagers got me into is Supernatural.  They have all 12 seasons up… and FREE to watch!

watch online movies free

We don’t use cable and this makes it so much easier.  We currently use DVDs and another online service for watching.  I’ve noticed that this is a bit better and actually has better visual when enlarged to full screen.  It doesn’t have a blur to it and you can see it throughout the whole show or movie.

What makes this great is that you can watch online movies free!  Yes, it is legal!  There is no credit card needed EVER.

Another benefit:

If you’re looking for TV shows to watch that you’ve missed or would like to see again, you have found a great source.  I’m currently using it to watch “Mysteries at the Museum”.  I’ve always loved this show.  Not to mention my current source of watching online only carries 1 season at a time.  That drives me crazy since they hold that one season online for months at a time.  I end up watching it so much that I have it memorized!  That part drives my husband batty!

The one show that my 2 year old absolutely loves is “Cat in the Hat”.  It’s educational and it’s pretty neat how they can learn about science through a cartoon.  There are 2.  One of them is the “Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Halloween”.  The other one is the movie with Michael Myers.  I’m not really to into the second mentioned.  He causes to much ruckus and not something I want my 2 year old mimicking.


free coloring page
You can save this and print it for your child to color!

One of the latest movies that they have is “Cars 3”!  I haven’t watched it yet and will be having a movie night with my 7 and 2 year old.  I have them with my teenage daughters at least 1 time a week.  This time I am with the 2 boys.  I normally try to once a week and this will be tonight or tomorrow night since my husband is off from work.  The 2 year old has never seen the other two car movies, but my 7 year old loves “Cars”.  It’s time to brake in my smallest minion!


I have been enjoying watching these shows.  I really hope that you will to.  Please check them out and let me know what you think.


This is just something that I found and wanted my readers to enjoy as much as I am.     There is no giveaway.  This post is now in the guidelines of the FTC.



  1. Supernatural is one of my favourite series to watch too! I always wait until I get the chance to watch it with my Mum though, so I think we are still about 2 seasons behind the current one!

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