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Misery Loves Company

Misery Loves Company is one of my recent reads.  Awesome book!
A woman loses her husband due to gunfire (shootout and he’s a cop).
Two years later, she is kidnapped by her favorite author.  Not understanding why, she looks above her in the room she’s kept in to find a blog post that she’d recently posted.
The author knows something, a secret, that he wants to eventually reveal to her in good time.
In the mean time, her alcoholic father and her late husband’s best friend are trying to find her.  What they discover is even more than they bargained for.
Will they find this Jules woman, or will they find more than that in the process of locating her?  Will her husband’s death be avenged while they are in search of her?  What will happen to her favorite author in the end?
 Misery Loves Company
I’ll leave this for you to find out.  I couldn’t get away from this book!  Loved it!!!


I'm a mom of six and one granddaughter. Also, I blog and write. I will do sponsored posts, guest posts and reviews. The reviews will be written similar to a guest post if there is a review. It will be placed at the end. I try to keep things organized on the blog. I'm very picky on that end. Before you ask, raising six children is not as hard as you'd think. After the first two, you kind of get the hang of things and it feels like a normal thing. I hope to work with you very soon. Before I forget to tell you, I do have a habit of going from one to the other and back when I've been away for almost 24 hours. I don't write, normally, when I've been awake this long due to that. Have a great day / night! Talk to you soon.

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