Social Media Kit: This is our Followers

About our blog: Social Media Kit

Here is our social media kit as far as followers go.
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Social Media Kit
Our favorite post from Pure Spoon Purees as of January 29, 2017.
Our social media sites and followers / fans!
To be updated often.
Updated March 5, 2017
Note: We do have other social sites that are not listed here.  For information on those other sites, feel free to email and ask us.
  1. Personal Facebook Profile: 943
  2. Facebook Fan Page for Bit O’ Everything: 3,458
  3. Pinterest: 2,717
  4. One of our Google pages: 463 Followers
  5. Our other Google profile. 206
  6. Twitter: 4,189
  7. LinkedIn: 5 recommendations and 5,217 connections, 3,751 followers
  8. Instagram: 1,021 followers
  9. Naymz: Rep Score is 73, Social Influence is 54, Peer assessment 47
  10. Klout: Score 59
  11. Referral Key: 2,123
  12. We also use (I haven’t figured out how to find readers, followers or even where my posts would show up at.)
  13. IZEA profile.
  14. YouTube 285
  15. StumbleUpon: We just started this again, we have 46 followers, as of now.
  16. We just wanted so share this.  As of December 31st, 2016, we have 1,181 subscribers.
  17. Plurk: We are just getting started with this one.
  18. Hubba 111 followers and 99 connections.