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Maybe You'll Win Blog Hop

Maybe You'll Win Blog Hop

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Maybe You’ll Win Blog Hop ~ $15 PayPal Cash


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  1. Just trying to keep my children entertained with chalk, squirt guns, hoola hoops, their pool, play-doh, paints, glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunts and anything else I can come up with! lol =)

  2. Not too much planned for the summer. We will probably hit up the theme parks (Disney and Universal) and spend some time at the beach, out on the boat, and kayaking.

  3. I’m planning on tending to all the beautiful flowers I have growing and helping my husband get stronger after a brutal throat cancer treatment.

  4. We really just have a bunch of day or weekend trips planned…wilwood, hershey park, six flags.

  5. I tested the Pinterest one. It seems to be working on my end. On Twitter, if you’re on following, unfollow and then refollow. It will not take if you are.

  6. This summer I plan on attending a couple of weddings, and visiting Six Flags St. Louis to ride the coasters. Thanks.

  7. Lisa,
    Right now I’m thankful that I live in a brick house! LOL. I do have a bathroom to remodel and a wall to rip out and put in another bathroom.

  8. That does sound like a full summer! What will you be planting in your garden? What color on the deck? (We need to paint ours too!)

  9. Susan,
    I would love to go to Daytona and see my brother. My husband is from St. Augustine. Our friends live in Jacksonville. We live in TN. I’d love to go back this summer. Enjoy your trip!

  10. I’ve not got to go out on a motorcycle in ages. But I know that it’s relaxing, cool breeze and fun to do when there is more than one of you / us. It’s great as long as you’re in a group. It can be dangerous if you’re alone because some people don’t look for bikes. Enjoy and be careful!

  11. That is probably what we will do. Also the lake / creek and a few other local places. There isn’t much here to do, but they can find everything to do (my minions).

  12. That sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t do that with 5 teens, 7 year old and 2 year old. That would be a nightmare.

  13. I don’t have any special plans yet, but I’ll be going for some motorcycle and bicycle rides w/ hubby, gardening, going to the beach to watch the sunset, go for walks, hang out with friends and family.

  14. Just graduated college, so I’m working on planning a graduation trip for the Summer 🙂

  15. I am planning on doing a lot of home repairs and improvements,which includes painting the outside of the house.

  16. I am planning to work in my gardens this summer. That is if it actually warms up enough, our local weather guy is making noises about snow!!

  17. We will be planting strawberries, corn, tomatoes, peppers, peas, pumpkins, lettuce and cucumbers.

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