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This is an adorable play set by Little Adventures.  It is an apron and chair cover of a farm market checkout.  My 19 month old has been playing in it.  He even likes to sit on the market counter.  With a child that small, they will certainly get plenty of use out of them!


Little Adventures has free shipping, only to the USA.  They have costumes for play time as well, and adults too.  They are made to last, not the type that fall apart after a few ours of play.  Your children can play outside and they’ll hold together.  You can also machine wash these (be sure to follow the directions!).

Keep in mind that they not only carry the costumes, but the accessories as well.  They even have cloaks and shoes to go with the costumes.

This little 20 month old little minion doesn’t like to stand still. Daddy tried to get him to stand still and he was still enough for the photo to be “somewhat” viewable. There is still fuzziness where he was trying to move. I hope you can see it!

Ryder gave the apron a test drive.  He’s still driving it several hours later.  It’s holding up just like normal clothing does.

My thoughts:

This is one time that I can honestly say that I’m glad that there is a company out there that makes dress-up clothing to where they don’t fall apart.  I had been, for over 18 years, buying the ones that fall apart within the first day!  To me, it was a waste of money except to see them happy for a short time.  Now, I can see them happy for a long time by spending just a little bit more money.  In the end, it is very well worth it!

Here is the giveaway for the “Feelin’ Lucky Blog Hop”!

Little Adventures Play Set


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  1. The best thing is the hours of fun my granddaughter would have. I love that this sparks children’s imaginations.

  2. I think the best thing about it is getting creativity to get the kids motivated.

  3. I think that alot of the costumes can be shared by several children in the family, or with friends who come over 🙂

  4. I think the prices are great and the variety of everything gives you so much to pick from!!

    Judy Cox

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