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    Maybe You’ll Win Giveaway Hop Sign Up

    Thank you for your interest in the “MAYbe You’ll Win” Giveaway Hop. This hop is hosted by The Hopping Bloggers founders: Women and Their Pretties & Mama Smith’s. Please read thoroughly and sign up using the linky below. Sign Ups End: May 4, 2017 (3/30/17) Giveaway Hop Dates: May 10 – May 24, 2017 Start Time: 5/10/17 – 12:00 am EST • 5/9 9:00 pm PST End Time: 5/24/17– 11:59 pm EST • 8:59 pm PST Prize Details: $15 minimum value | Open Theme | Family Friendly Hashtag: #MAYbeYoullWin | #TheHoppingBloggers Giveaway Hop Details Each blog in this hop will have at least 1 prize per winner. You may have…

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    NeoCell $50 Giveaway Opps for Bloggers

    Please read the information at the top of the form for the Opps for bloggers.  The information is very important to those that sign up to help promote this giveaway. The giveaway is for a $50 gift card to NeoCell to 1 winner.  There are free and paid options.  All bloggers will receive 1 free link of your choice (Twitter or Pinterest). Paid options will have more benefits than the free option.  There is a paid option for the ones that do not wan to host to get the other link included. Please see the information in the form below.   Loading… Spread the love         

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    Kids Email #Giveaway Blogger Opportunities

    Kids Email giveaway blogger opportunities is a free opportunity for bloggers and Twitter social media exposure.  This is a FREE Twitter link giveaway.  Please fill out the form below to get in on the opp for this giveaway! Loading… Spread the love6        6Shares

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    Easter Blog Hop 2017 Opp signups close on 3/12

      Easter Blog Hop 2017 Below, enter your blog information, email and name.   It will start on April the 1st and run until the 21st of 2017. Here are the rules: It’s free to enter, but a $10 minimum prize is required. You’ll need to determine what the prize is by the second week of March (12th). You’ll receive an email about the 10th to send the prize information to us to include in the link-up widget. The prize must be something that is family friendly, allowed in all USA states and not drug related (that includes supplements).  You may also use a prize from a sponsor, gift card…

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    New Blogger Opp ~ 50 pcs Plastic Storage Organizer Containers 8oz

    This is a blogger opp for a giveaway of 50 pcs Plastic Storage Organizer Containers 8oz.  If you’re interested, please fill out the form below.  There is only a free option, no paid.  You will be required to post the HTML in your blog and share 3 x per week that the giveaway is live.  (Suggestion: Schedule them through Hootsuite, Retweet Chores or Tailwind before hand.) Sign ups will close on the 14th of Feb. 2017. Loading… Spread the love         

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    Upcoming Blogger Opp Featuring Piperoos!

      These are every day cotton pads, also known as changing pads.  I don’t personally use mine for this.  I use mine for that and then some.  I even use mine for my son when he sleeps to have something soft to lay on besides the mattress.  It goes in under his sheet. I also use mine for our small dog to have something soft to sleep on when he won’t sleep on the other things that we lay down.  He chooses these over other puppy beds and blankets. This is a blogger opportunity for them to get in on the giveaway.  Enter your information below. Loading… Spread the love         

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