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    What we are doing for the next 2 weeks update

    Update on our next 2 weeks ahead of time For the next 2 weeks update: we’re going to be doing only a few posts, except sponsored or guest posts.  Some of the posts will be about ergobaby, Baldwin men’s care, Zyacon (provided we hear back from the sponsor) and writing on my next book.  The first 2 are being edited as we speak.  The next one will be edited right after it’s written and before it’s published. Stay tuned for more of an update on the book.  The first 2 might be combined due to them being so short.  This one will be a bit longer and should be out…

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    What is the benefits of a wake-up light?

    What are the benefits of a wake-up light?  Something that all moms should know. How wake up light can help you become a more productive mom Everybody knows that being a mom at 2017 is not an easy task, being a mom is much more than having given birth to a child. It’s loving someone before you even see him it’s caring for someone who is dependent on you for survival. It is stressful and hard, but it’s well worth it… This day we all want technology on our side and use it for our needs it can be a smart phone, a smart home device and even a wake-up…

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    All Saints Film Release #AllSaintsFlyBy #FlyBy #sponsored

    All Saints Movie Release on August 25th, 2017 Note:  This post consists of religious beliefs.  It is in NO way to be offensive to anyone.  This is also a sponsored post. There is a new movie for Christians called “All Saints” that is beyond anything I have seen.  It ranks close to the other, but way above.  I’m going to include the movie trailer and a few other snippets from it so that you can have a better clue as to what you’re going to be getting to see when it comes out. This movie is filled with drama.  I’m not one for drama, but this one is a whole…

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