Mother’s Day Gift Guide Giveaway

Mother’s Day is coming up! We’re celebrating moms everywhere with these Mother’s Day gift ideas from Mommy Scene. These awesome brands offer a wide variety of gifts perfect to pamper the wonderful mom in your life. Plus enter to win one of these featured gifts!

Mothers Day Gift Guide - Mommy Scene

1. Back Buddy Support Pillow
The original award-winning Back Buddy Support Pillow – designed by a Chiropractor and a nursing mother. Alleviates common back pain during and after pregnancy, and encourages proper position for breastfeeding. Made in the USA from high-quality structural foam that is certified to be made without harmful PBDE’s, phthalates, CFC’s, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. The perfect gift for any new or expectant mom!

2. Us+Four Tees or Tanks
Perfect gift for the special mom in your life. Us+Four offers style and comfort with graphic tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and mugs. Created by Lauren Anderson, a mom of 4, the “Happy Mama” collection has been her most fun and popular design.

3. Pure Hazelwood Necklace with Gold European Charm and Bracelet
World leader on the market for more than 18 years, Pure Hazelwood products are inspired by a First Nations tradition, handcrafted with 100 % natural hazel wood and meant for the whole family. Rich in anti-inflammatory molecules, hazel wood helps relieve several symptoms related to inflammation such as: skin problems (eczema, psoriasis), digestive disorders, joint pain, and more!

4. Yummi Pouch Modern Cloth Bags
These adorable cloth bags are ideal for holding cosmetics, small accessories, and even snacks! They feature modern prints, a moisture resistant interior, and easy-open zipper. Each bag measures 4″ x 7″. Receive 20% off with promo code: Revelae20

5. DeVita Hyaluronic SeruGel
DeVita is the most advanced, certified organic aloe vera based, 100% vegan, paraben free, all natural skin care available. DeVita’s oil-free Hyaluronic SeruGel will quench your thirsty skin cells by helping to deliver maximum amounts of Hyaluronic Acid to the skin using our unique Organic Aloe Vera delivery system. Hyaluronic acid contributes to the skin’s elasticity and suppleness, minimizes lines and wrinkles, and prevents premature signs of aging. It is also fast-absorbing and ideal for all skin types.

6. Pearhead My First Holiday Belly Stickers
Pearhead My First Holiday Belly Stickers are a fun, unique way to capture your baby’s first celebrations. Snap and record their first holidays for memories that will last for years to come. From first birthday to first Thanksgiving, these stickers say it all. Includes 14 stickers that can be peeled and placed on your baby’s clothing. Stickers feature cute designs and colorful prints for every holiday. These belly stickers are an adorable gift for new parents.

7. Bumblewood Lavender Gift Bag
Give mom the gift of pampering this year with Bumblewood’s Lavender-scented gift set. All natural and lightly scented with Lavender essential oil, mom will be relaxed from head-to-toe with a handcrafted soap, lotion stick and lip balm, all put together in a cute little cotton bag ready to give.

8. Rifle Paper Co. Herb Garden Recipe Box
The perfect addition to your kitchen, Rifle Paper Co.’s new Herb Garden Recipe Box features a gold metallic interior and gold label frame on the front. It comes with 12 letterpress dividers and 24 charcoal spoon recipe cards to help organize your favorite dishes.

9. Fancy Pantz Designs Flower Necklace
This stunning vintage inspired metal flower necklace is hand painted with a chippy distressed look and embellished with a crystal flower surrounded by sparkling aged rhinestones. No two are alike. Handmade by designer Barb Lowson, this beautiful necklace comes with a gunmetal etched chain with lobster clasp closure, available in various lengths. Flower measures approximately 2″ in diameter.

10. Girly Girl One-Size Leggings
These one-size high quality leggings come in more than 100 modern prints. The one size leggings stretch from a XS to a XL size, featuring a soft elastic waist band and thick, non-transparent, material. Girly Girl Leggings is owned and operated by a mother and daughter.

11. Willamy Collection Leather Wrap Bracelets
Classy & sophisticated, our Crystal Pearl 5x Leather Wrap Bracelet is the perfect combination of crystals and glass beads on brown leather. Recieve 20% off with promocode: springfever

What will you get your mom for Mother’s Day? We hope you got some great ideas! These would be great to pass along to your hubby too! Every mom deserves to be pampered on her special day.

Enter to win one of these fabulous gifts!

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Featured Prizes

Back Buddy Support Pillow
Us+Four Tee or Tank Top
Pure Hazelwood Necklace with Gold European Charm
Yummi Pouch Modern Cloth Bags – set of 3
Girly Girl One-Size Leggings style “Lace Me Up – Blue”
DeVita Skincare Hyaluronic SeruGel
Pearhead My First Holiday Belly Stickers
Bumblewood Lavender Gift Bag
Willamy Collection Crystal Pearl Leather Wrap Bracelet

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LifebankUSA is A Whole New Lifeline! #LifebankUSA @LifebankU

Would you choose cord banking for this reason?  What about placenta banking?  Every family needs a lifeline, especially babies.  Every person is born unique.  With the unique part of life, everyone is made up of what our health will become as we age, or even when we are born.

For those of us that have a history of issues via our health, we can assure our children are protected.  The placenta carries special elements to our birth.  That is why placenta banking can be done for  those elements called cells.  The cells are things that can help save our lives, their lives or any life later on.  The umbilical cord, too, can hold those cells and become a powerful life force when we need them for medical uses later on.

LifebankUSA helps by being a “life insurance” for things that we all need as a assurance.  They offer the ability to have peace of mind.

When I had my children, I really wanted to do this for them.  I know our family medical history is the best in the world.  Honestly, it is horrible.  Every chance I got, I lost due to our finances and trying to raise six children.  I’ve heard wonderful stories of this being done.


LifebankUSA offers cord blood banking, placenta banking and even tissue banking.  Each one of these are a great way to keep your family looking to a bright future.

This little bit of banking helps with future health issues as follows:

  • Less issues when used with blood transfusions.
  • If you’re lacking medical treatment options, this is a great benefit to have (bone marrow transplants being in that list).
  • Helps with cancer treatments and immune disorders too.

The list keeps going.

Since cancers and immune issues run in both sides of my family and the children’s families, I think that it would had benefited them.  Hopefully by this post, it will help to get the word out to all of the moms, dads and soon-to-be parents out there.

It’s close to home with us as I just lost my dad to stage 4 liver and stage 4 lung cancer.  We lost him one month after being told that he had it.  It took them that long to find it.  Chemo sped it up and didn’t do anything but kill his white blood cells.  When it done that, he went down hill so fast that it didn’t take long that we lost him.  IF, I had been his biological daughter, I would had given him anything to keep him here and my own life.  I didn’t have that ability.

Please, all of you out there, for the benefit for your child / children and your family, cord blood bank all of the cells as they are extremely important!  It can and will save a loved one’s life!  So can the placenta blood banking.  Don’t regret not doing this like I have.  It’s well worth the effort of keeping your family healthy and safe.

You can bank on that!


This is a sponsored post from a mom that has their own regrets.  Yes, I was compensated with a gift card to purchase other needed items.  No, there wasn’t any other compensation.  All thoughts and words are my own.


GSI Exchange Gold & Silver Bullet Giveaway $400 value Ends 4/30

This event was coordinated by Mom Buzz Media, hosted by the Mom Buzz Media Bloggers and sponsored by GSI Exchange

Gold & Silver International Exchange

monopoly_man2Whether you wear it as a chain around your neck or simply want to stash away a few coins in your safe, now is a great time to own and invest in gold and silver. Now is also a great time to win, with the GSI Exchange Gold & Silver Bullet Giveaway!


The price of gold increased by 16.4% in the first three months of 2016, its strongest quarterly showing since 1986. Gold significantly outperformed other major stock, bond and commodity indices during the first quarter and based on current trends, many experts are predicting the surge in gold pricing to continue for the foreseeable future.

The World Gold Council identified five key factors supporting the rise in gold prices:

  • Ongoing concerns about economic growth and financial stability in emerging markets
  • A hiatus in the rise of the US dollar
  • The implementation of negative interest rate policies by leading global central banks
  • The return of pent up investment demand for gold
  • Price momentum (i.e. investors following gold’s upward trend).

On the gold coin investment side, combined sales of 22k (Eagles) and 24k (Buffalos) gold coins by the US Mint, increased 51% year over year in the first quarter, while gold-backed ETFs had the second strongest quarter on record, with strong demand from the United States, Europe and China and other regions.


While the stock market bounces up, down and all around, there is one investment that has held its value since the dawn of civilization. Gold and silver has been recognized as a store of wealth since the ancient Sumerians.

3d render of gold bars background

GSI Exchange is a leading national coin and precious metals company specializing in wholesale trading as well as direct sales to the general public. GSI Exchange’s management has more than 40 years of combined market experience and a huge supplier database within the U.S. These relationships enable GSI Exchange to offer an almost unlimited inventory of the highest-quality silver, gold, palladium and platinum coins at the most competitive prices.


Whether you are looking to invest for your children’s college education or your own retirement planning, precious metals can be a valuable addition to diversify your other investments and as an effective hedge against inflation and geopolitical turmoil, GSI Exchange has a knowledgeable and friendly professional staff who can assist you in planning for your goals.

Visit the website to learn more, request a brochure or get a price quote.
Your future begins today!
gsi exchange gs giveaway

Enter the giveaway below sponsored by GSI Exchange for a chance to win your piece of the pie! They have sponsored (2) 1 oz silver bullets as well as a $10 American Eagle ¼ Oz. Gold Coin… a prize package valued at over $400!

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Someone is going to win, why not let it be you?!
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Ends 4/30/2016 at 11:59 pm.

Good Luck!

Site Update:

Just so that all of you know, I’m still doing updates, transfers and many other things for the new blog site.  I’ve been working really long hours getting this done and trying to get my reviews caught up at the same time with the transfer.

If you need to send messages, here are the emails for you:

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Hugs to all of you and sleep sweet.  I have to call it night since my eyes are going blurry.

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Our New Hosting: GDD (Goddess Divine Designs)

I want to brag about GDD.  GDD is who we have our hosting through.  I’ve been working easily on our new site and it’s something that I have to brag about.  As you can see, we have a whole new look, easier navigation, online shop here with the site and so much more!

They are very professional and easy to work with.  The customer service is wonderful too!  The pricing for their hosting is the best around!  You can’t be the prices anywhere else!  They offer different packages, depending on what you’re looking for.




You have got to check out what they offer!  I absolutely have to recommend them to any and everyone out there.  I’ve had all of the best experiences with them.  GDD (Goddess Divine Designs) are amazing!

Your account does come with an affiliate link.  It’s not something you have to pay extra for either.


The links above are affiliate links.  By purchasing from those, I may earn a few cents per dollar spent.  There has been no other compensation, nor is there any intended.  All thoughts are my own and no others.

Baby Wrap / Sling Carrier

Image borrowed from sponsor to use in post.

This “Baby Wrap” is wide, not like most.  I’ve seen quite a few that aren’t wide enough to literally hold the baby as it should.  They slide around, where this one does not.  It’s long enough to actually fit around a person that is an 3XL in size.  That says a whole lot.  I’ve tested out three different ones and this is the first one that has been long enough to fit around me.  After having six children, losing weight is an issue.  That means finding items that would benefit my baby is a real huge task.  (Pun intended.)

I love the benefits that this one has compared to the others.

Benefits include:

  1. Long enough to fit around a very heavy set person.
  2. Extra wide to help keep the baby secure and safe.
  3. This will fit all sizes.
  4. It’s extra comfortable and soft.
  5. It comes in a tie string bag.
  6. Is a hands free way to carry your baby.
  7. Machine washable and dryer safe.
  8. You get a 100% lifetime guaranty.
  9. You can use it for breast feeding, not in football hold position though.

I’ve not seen anything that wasn’t a benefit to this.  Everything is a great experience with this.  Yes, I do recommend this one over any and all other wraps.


This was a free sample from an Amazon seller.  All thoughts are my own and no other’s.  No other compensation has been given, nor is intended.  This is for my own personal use.

Savings on “CozyWinters”

If you’re looking for saving or free shipping on winter comfort, then you have got to check this out!  It’s a way to find great deals on CozyWinters.  When you click to check out those deals, you’ll realize that it shows you different sites that you can go through.  When you look, it will show you which sites offers the best deals.  Right now, it’s showing that the best deal is through a site that is offering a $10 bonus!

Borrowed for posting purposes only.