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First please allow me to apologize that I will not be posting anything for a little while.  My high risk pregnancy has recently taken a turn for the worst.  My blood pressure has sky rocketed, protein in my urine, the baby's heart rate has decided to fluctuate to where it doesn't exhilarate the way that the doctor's want it to.  I'm already dilated to 2 and 60% effaced.

I've been put on strict bed rest due to the blood pressure and they may be taking the baby this coming week.  I won't know until Monday what they are planning on doing.  I've spent well around a week in the hospital already.  They are trying their hardest to wait until at least 37 weeks but I'll be lucky to make it that long.  I'm in tremendous pain from where I fell in Feb. and it's difficult to get comfortable under any means.

IF I owe you a review, and it's not showing up here, be sure to look on Amazon as I will be posting my reviews there to make sure you get the reviews that you need, deserve and ask for.  That part I am going to do in a little while and shortly.

I am truly sorry that it's taken  me this long to get everything up and done.  Some will be taking me longer.  My headaches are worse than when I began my pregnancy and those are also being treated.  So far, it don't want to give way with the pain.  According to my doctor, I'm only suppose to be sleeping, eating, showering and using the little girls room when needed.  He stated that was the only time that my blood pressure was at a safe level.

If there are any questions, concerns or anything else, feel free to send me a message, email or comment to let me know and I'll respond to you asap.

Purex Liquid Crystal Softener. #Freshness #Purex #laundry

Purex Crystals has a new style.  They now come in a new version that make our laundry soft and smelling fresh, much longer.  There are three scents as of now.  One is Fresh Spring Waters, then Fresh Lavender Blossom and Fresh Mountain Breeze.

This liquid is unique and does up to .35% more loads of laundry than the solid crystals do.

These crystals in liquid form, Scent Splash, are available as of the beginning of April.  With that said, I'm going to give you a chance to win 1 coupon for 1 FREE bottle of the Scentsplash (you get to choose which scent you want, if you win).

The liquid Crystals, Scentsplash, works great and leaves your clothing smelling great longer than any other detergent out there.  Your clothing is softer too.

Contest has ended and is no longer available.
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This is a honest review of my own thoughts. The product was received in hopes of this. There has been no other compensation offered, intended or expected. There are some affiliate links included in the review. This earns a small portion of income via a small percentage. By purchasing through those links, I will earn to help support this blog and my family. This post is also in the FTC guidelines.

LifeBank USA: Graco 4-in-1 Car Seat Giveaway

Stem cells in cord blood have transformative potential and have been used to treat over 30,000 patients worldwide. It’s been shown that using a higher number of stem cells in a transplant leads to better
engraftment and survival. Did you know that you can preserve significantly MORE of your baby’s stem cells by adding placenta blood banking to your cord blood collection?

Banking the most stem cells can be critical and only through banking both cord and placenta blood do you have this opportunity. Numerous studies published in top medical journals have shown that transplanting more stem cells significantly increases success and transplant survival rates. In fact, customers who bank placenta blood in addition to cord blood with LifebankUSA preserve 60%-70%  more CD34+ stem cells – the cells that are the most important for rebuilding diseased blood with healthy blood.

Every day, parents are choosing to bank their child’s cord blood because they know these powerful cells could one day be used to save a close family member’s life. Parents choose to also bank placenta blood with LifebankUSA to make their cord blood collection even more powerful, providing them with even greater peace of mind.

LifebankUSA is the only cord blood bank with proprietary technology offering placenta blood banking with cord blood banking to expectant parents. We are also the only company in the world to release placenta stem cell units for transplant.

Your child is being born into a world of extraordinary possibilities that include the enormous potential of stem cell banking. Make the most of this once-in-a- lifetime opportunity by choosing LifebankUSA and add placenta blood banking to your cord blood collection, for a very real, proven layer of protection for you and your family.

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"LifebankUSA is a pioneer in placenta-stem cell technology. Our stem cell banking program meets and exceeds the highest standards in the industry-and we are the only company that can provide access to technology that allows you to boost the number of cells you can recover after birth."- Robert Hariri, MD, PhD
CEO and Founder of LifebankUSA

I'm in no way affiliated with LifebankUSA.  There has been no compensation as of this date.  There is an Amazon gift card expected at a later date for participating in a sponsored post, not guaranteed.  There are NO affiliate links included in this post.

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I will post more for other stores shortly.  These are for Dr. Lin Skincare (the first two for the discounted shipping and the free acne lotion).  The second one is for Asian Food Grocer and is a lot of discounted items there.  There are more there, but I only listed the ones that I found interesting.  You can look when you get to the site for further discounts and more Asian foods!

If you're looking for anything certain / specifically for a discount or to get at a better deal, let me know and I'll see what I can find for you!

'Dead Scary' is absolutely well written and spooky.

I've always enjoyed books like this. It's well written with spooky parts with adventure mixed in.

The main characters are a little boy named Adam and Edward a ghostly inhabitant. Adam has been able to communicate with the undead using telepathy for quite some time.

When Adam's mother's uncle passes away, they move to Australia to live in a house that she had inherited. That is when Adam meets Edward. Edward is not happy at all about the other living inhabitants that are moving into his territory. He recruits many ghostly beings to help him to rid the home of the living family. Adam is the only one that can see them, so that means that he's left alone to fight off all o the undead by himself. No one knows of his gift, nor can they see or hear the undead like Adam.

The book is a wonderful thriller for ages 8 and up. Even at the age of 3?, I have enjoyed reading this book as well. I do highly recommend this.

I received this book in hopes of an honest review and my thoughts. All thoughts are my own and no other's. No other compensation has been given, nor is intended. This review is in the guidelines of the FTC.  Some links in this review may also include affiliate links.

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